SEO and Online Marketing

Through out the internet marketing SEO has wide popularity in now a days. When the new site comes up in the internet, the main thing is comes to mind is SEO (search engine optimization). Also there are different kinds of way to promote your site in search engines and for marketing.

The first and formost thing in seo is link building, in which the site owners may create a links in other sites which is relavant to their niche throughout the internet. Link building has many ways to build links, such as following,

1. One way link building
2. Reciprocal link building

One way link building :

Where the original site was linked to other sites only.

Reciprocal Link building :
Here the site owners of individuals come into contact and place the links of each other’s websites. This helps to increase the visitors for both site individuals.
And also this is a very famous form of link building throught the internet.

Then connecting to social media sites, and posting in directories, and putting blog comments in other sites, which may also increase the back links for the websites and to increase the traffic.

Especially the social networking sites are helpful to increase the visitors for the sites. More often it is popular too. This is one of the way of SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING.