The Most Common Mistakes In SEO

While doing SEO for a particular website or web page, the person should identify the simple mistakes that are made. The common and simple mistakes in SEO should affect the website in the Search Engine Rankings and also it should be avoided or minimize the mistakes to get and stay in a better position for long period.

The Most Common Mistakes In SEO

The Most Common Mistakes In SEO

The following mistakes that are made while doing SEO.

1. The first and foremost thing is Titles and Descriptions for a website or web page. For most of the websites Titles and Descriptions are not available in the particular pages. In some cases, that are available only in the home page and not added in inner pages. This is the most crucial thing, because it is also helpful to the website to get a raking position in search engines. And also the Titles And Description should be relevant to the page. If it is un relevant, will not helpful.

2. Another common mistake in on-page optimization is that content. The content should be stuffed with minimum keywords, but it should not easily identified by the human eyes.

3. The third one is Linking Structure. It is also crucial one. Where ever you get links get under friends, partners, It should not be under links because the bots can easily identify, its just a link. So it may consider it is a spam.