Canada beats Kenya by five wickets for rare World Cup win

New Delhi – Ashish Bagai and captain Jimmy Hansra did half a century, making a second career World Cup victory in Canada as he beat Kenya on Monday for five wickets.

Canada  beats Kenya by five wickets for rare World Cup win

Canada beats Kenya by five wickets for rare World Cup win

Yet to bat first went to Kenya, Canada, the player’s speed only three wickets and four overs Osinde Hendry has seven tasks.

Kenya steadying innings closed at 198 the first winding 57-5.

Canada Games, and unstable home, JPG, but Bagai and Hansra 132 Canadian-made group – to finish 48-3 with the participation in the team here at the Feroz Shah Kotla stadium battle.

Canada 1-3 improvement – and to contest all the time 2:14. His only victory over Bangladesh in 2003.

Osinde finished his career best 4-26.

It comes (to beat Kenya) is part of the goal” Bagai said. “We through the Henry. A great bowling first, we are living benefit, and then pulled back … and two people on line we batted.

Hopefully we use it for their next two games can produce.”

Canada hands full on Sunday against New Zealand and Austria were able to March 16

Kenya, 2003 semifinalist, the tournament fell to fourth straight defeat.

Stable and 51 half centuries before Egypt Tamnay Jimmy Kamande constant involvement and Thomas Odoyo, who made 51 in Kenya became the captain to avoid awkward.

However, Africa, usually in the tournament so far is still not enough.

Kenya has made a breakthrough soon in Canada to get rid of the most dramatic Rizwan Cheema, six and four for the fourth when he sent Elijah Otieno until quickfire 17 to 13 balls bowled.

Zubin Surkari Ravindu Gunasekera and then fell in a field of eight balls chase stuttered.

But Bagai Hansra and composure to put the game in Canada is required at the end of the range, began to control the excitement returned.

Hansra 19 with seven fours and holding at winning when he hit two sixes in Canada at the end.

Bagai saw his team home, cut and four wins over the limit for the sending state. The eight years to win the first World Cup in Canada and Kenya to confirm their most painful defeat sent so far.

“I. Do not hide the disappointing results of the tournament today was to Kenya’s captain Jimmy Kamande said.” We do better against Canada very, very painful, it is now. Is.

“Despite the fact that we had 198, we still believe that it can protect one of the most important. And the guy catches the capital closed .. I do not blame anyone”

Kenya, another disaster was averted watt piece to his highest score so far – despite the fact that their batting is not yet conclusive.

Maurice Ouma, David Obuya fell into water and cheap as Osinde’s pace and the invasion of Canada. Kenya 21-3 and fell to 57-5, having elected to bat.

Her 51 singles in the 33 operations were – – and five fours and six Kenyans Odoyo to destroy respect for a fight when Mishra struck three fours in the first World Cup half-century.

22 Kamande also hit three fours in his scorching shot and thrown out to disengage Osinde Kenyans desperately to pull 69 112, and 142 three-to forget the World Cup performance to date were included.

Kamande fell foot factory Balaji Rao nicked, but try to reduce the shot where you have experienced Odoyo master to stop hitting the cover drive for four consecutive overs and then lofted a wide beam to move his team marked “against .

Recalled after injury, Odoyo straight down to send top six place, Kenya finally gained valuable work.

Mishra two balls to end his half century but Odoyo Harvir Baidwan (2-41) and off the last inning to beat Yorker by supply fought threw was caught after reaching the wrong drive.

He has two balls in the eighth game before his 132-day half-century was reached.